Meet the tutors 2017

BSc SEM Tutor Team 2017

Admins: Simon Gøbel & Kristoffer Lippert

Tutors: Jonathan Johansen, Erik Nilsson, August Svedenstedt, Sammy Jassam, Nico Balkin, Lasse Daegling, Calle Godina, Mark Bjerregaard, Jakob Ren, Zuzanna Lewandowska, Simone Nehring, Ella Paksuniemi, Aníta Einarsdóttir, Karen Björk, Sonja Kuusisto. Angela Moreno Recio, Fiona Latifi


Simon Gøbel

I was born and raised in Belgium and moved to Denmark with my dad in 2010. I’ve just finished the bachelor in Service Management and will start the masters “Strategy, Organisation and Leadership.” I live in Frederiksberg! I have worked in Maersk Drilling for 2.5 years and now work in Svitzer A/S. Boring stuff aside, I’m very outgoing and have a passion for organizing and most of all enjoying the results of it! I’m really looking forward to the intro and will do my best to make sure you will have the best time !!

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English/French

Kristoffer Lippert
I’m born and raised in Denmark, living in the suburbs of Copenhagen, until two years ago, when I moved into Copenhagen, and my family moved to Barcelona. II just finished my BA in Business Administration and Service Management and I’m now a 1st year student at Cand.Merc SOL. Next to my studies I work in an asset management company, and CBS Case Competition.
This is my 2nd round as a tutor, so I’m looking forward to being able to share what I’ve learned from the intros through my years, and hopefully make all of you feel at home with your new study and with Copenhagen. Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English


Jonathan Johansen
My name is Jonathan and I have been born and raised in Denmark. More precisely I have been living in Frederiksberg my entire life and therefore know the area around CBS quite well. I recently graduated from B.Sc. SEM and will be continuing on the masters
Program in September. Besides my studies, I work as a student assistant at Maersk Line.
As a person, I seek to have a positive impact through diligence, generosity and beer. I believe it is vital to have fun alongside hard work. In my position as a tutor, I will do my best to get that message across! I look forward to meeting you all!

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English


Erik Nilsson

I’m Erik, 24 years old from Sweden. I’m a first year master student at CBS, studying Management of Innovation and Business Development. I live a stone throw from CBS in Frederiksberg. I’ve been doing lots of weird stuff in my life, such as working at a bank in Estonia (the country with the greatest nr of models per capita in the world!), growing a Danish/Indonesian startup as their first employee, and a bunch of other fun things. Now I work with Dogs. Yes, Dogs.
I consider myself being outgoing and always enjoy a good conversation about the mysteries of life, which in an ideal world would be done over a beer or two.

Nationality: Swedish
Language skills: Swedish/English/Sarcasm


August Svedenstedt

Hey guys! My name is August I’m 24 years old, I’m currently a first year master student at CBS at Strategic Market Creation. I’m really looking forward to get to know you guys further and of course welcome you to CBS! Short about me is that I’m currently working at Nordea C&IB. I’m social, outgoing and caring person. I lived mainly in Sweden, but also in Holland and in Oslo. As mentioned, I’m really looking forward to see you!

Nationality: Swedish
Languages: Swedish/English


Sammy Jassam
My name is Sammy, Danish and 22 years old. I live on Købermagergade and 2nd year student. I’m a outgoing person that’s in constant search for a good time. When I’m not in school I either sleep or drink. So be prepared for a good time

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English


Nico Balkin
I was born and raised in France (Nice) and moved to Denmark to start studying at CBS. Today i’m 20 years old and i’m on my 2nd year of Service Management. I’m currently unemployed but that gives me time to work on my partying skills and be ready for the freshmen.                                                                

Nationality: Danish
Language skills: French/ English fluently, Italian ( I don’t speak danish)


Lasse Daegling
My Name is Lasse, I am 21 years old and on my second year in SEM. I was manly raised in Germany, but also lived in other countries. I love hanging out with friends, coffee and sailing. I also teach others how to sail and like to organise stuff. Further I love travelling and always look for a new destination. I am really looking forward to being a tutor and show you all the fun and maybe sometimes challenging aspects of SEM and CBS. The intro week is gonna be a blast, can’t wait to meet you guys!

Nationality: German
Language Skills: German/English/Danish


Calle Godina

I’m from Sweden and currently live in Copenhagen where I study my 1st year on my bachelor in Service Management. I’ve lived in the Alps for three seasons where I spent most of my days skiing and working as a snow shoveler. Besides skiing, you can say that I’m a bit football crazy as I spend a lot of time watching, playing or refereeing football. Off the pitch I’m a calm and positive guy who loves reading the newspaper, drinking coffee and playing wordfeud.

Nationality: Swedish
Language Skills: Swedish/Danish/English


Mark Bjerregaard
I’m from Denmark, and have lived here all my life. I work in the financial department of a textile company, doing run-of the mill office duties. In my spare time I engage in student politics, and try to squeeze in a workout when i have the time.

Nationality: Danish
Language skills: Danish/English fluently


Jakob Ren
I am 21 years old and currently on my 2nd year of Service management. I am Danish and I have lived my entire life in the Copenhagen region. Even though I am a boring Dane, I have still travelled a bit, having worked for a short period in France and studied in Australia briefly. One of my big interests is to travel and explore new cultures. Besides travelling, I also have a passion for football, even though I am terrible at it. I am a calm and down-to-earth guy who enjoys drinking beer and meeting new people.

Nationality: Danish
Language: Danish/English


Zuzanna Lewandowska
My name is Zuzanna (double Z, double N). I’ve been living in Copenhagen since August, when I started my 1st year in Service Management of Culture & Arts, but I have been to Denmark around 8 times before that, visiting my older brother. My three main hobbies include movies, modern art (yes, I’m from the hipster course concentration) and good coffee. I have previously worked with international film festivals, directed my own short movies and assisted real cool directors on set. With all those posh things being said, I’m not a serious person at all, entertaining the rest of the tutors daily with my clumsiness and bad jokes. I also work at Copenhagen Street Food – come and see me for some of the best food / cocktails in the city!

Nationality: Polish
Language Skills: English (fluent), French, Spanish (high school fluent), Danish (fluent enough to talk about a coffee order)

Simone Nehring

Hi, my name is Simone, and I am 21 years old. I was born in Denmark but at the age of 9 I moved to Luxembourg and stayed there for 6 years before returning to Denmark in 2010. Unfortunately this did not improve my French skills, sorry!! I am on my 2nd year of Service Management, and live in Ørestad, Copenhagen. For the past two years, I have been working as a hostess/bartender at Butchers so I can make you a great cocktail for the hut-trip. In my spare time, I work at Skt. Petri hotel, where I get the first hand customer contact that I love. I can’t wait to welcome you all, and have a fun time with you guys for the next few weeks!

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English


Ella Paksuniemi

Hi, I’m Ella and I come from the land of the Dudesons and Sauna. My country also has weird sports such as hobbyhorse riding and wife-carrying. Perhaps, you have now figured out that I am from Finland. I am 21 years old and am currently a 2nd year student in Business Administration and Service Management. I was born in Sweden, and we moved to Finland when I was around 10. In September I will start working at Danske Bank, which I really look forward to! Will be my first “serious” job. During my free time I like to travel, sing, meet people and watch dog videos on Facebook! What also makes me really happy is a glass of red wine with a plate of cheeses, something I rarely enjoy due to something called a student budget. Can’t wait to meet you at the intro weeks, we will make sure you’ll remember it for the rest of your life 😉

Nationality: Finnish
Language skills: English, Finnish, Swedish and a rusty French


Aníta Einarsdóttir

My name is Aníta, I’m 19 years old and I come from Iceland but spend half my time growing up, here in Denmark. After living in Iceland for the 4 past years, I moved back last summer to start my studies here at CBS. I am currently a second year student in SEM.
I would say that I am super organized, friendly, and very energetic. I love meeting new people, dancing and having fun.
I use my time very well and love being busy, in my spare time you will most likely find me in the gym, if I’m not in the gym I’m hanging out with my friends, shopping at Sephora or working one of my two side jobs.
Personally I can’t wait to meet you all in the intro and have lots and lots of fun with you in the coming weeks!

Nationality: Icelandic
Language skills: Icelandic, Danish and English fluently.


Karen Björk

My name is Karen Björk and I am a 22-year old second year SEM-er who hopes to make your intro-weeks as brilliant as mine were! Originally I come from Iceland but have also lived in London and now in beautiful Copenhagen since the start of my studies. My favorite things in this world are people, swimming and organizing cool stuff. In my free-time I work as a waitress in two restaurants, sing in a choir and am a big fan of jazz. I especially can’t wait to meet the Tourism and Hospitality concentration as I’ll be your mentor for this first and exciting year!

Nationality: Icelandic
Language skills: fluent English/Icelandic/85% Danish (getting there!).


Sonja Kuusisto

I’m 20 years old, and from Finland – not from Helsinki or even the capital area though, but from a really small town on the seaside, so moving to Copenhagen for my studies last August was quite a change for me! I am a second-year student in BSc in Business Administration and Service Management, with concentration of arts and culture. Besides being a tutor I’m also a part of SeM Events, a student organization that organizes parties and social events for our study programme. When I’m not at campus or working with school stuff, I like to hang and go out with my friends, do sports, or explore new cafés (I’m a huge cappuccino consumer). I also enjoy eating out and traveling – sometimes I’d love to do that a lot more than my study grants would actually allow.

Nationality: Finnish
Language skills: fluent Finnish/English, some Swedish/Danish/Spanish

Angela Moreno Recio
My name is Angela and I come from Malaga, Spain, I moved to Denmark approximately 3 years ago to take a gap year when finishing my high school but I liked it so much I decided to stay here, then I found out about CBS and here I am today, on my third semester of Service Management.
I currently live in Hellerup with two guys from my class, one of them is Jakob another of our tutors, and I work as an Event and Project  at Innovation Roundtable, a Danish company which hostess events for innovative multinationals.
I am a pretty outgoing person, I love organizing stuff and work in teams and meet new people, may be that the reason why I am a tutor! And I basically have no spare time so I don’t do much apart from studying, working and – sometimes having a social life.

Nationality: Spanish
Language skills: Spanish/English/Danish (intermediate)


Fiona Latifi

My name is Fiona Latifi, i’m 20 years old, and currently studying my 3rd year. I live in Nørrebro. I was born and raised in Denmark, but I have Albanian roots-love em. I am an easygoing and calm person, who does not drink. At all! – This seems to be very shocking to a lot of people, but I’m a bit old fashioned.
I still know how to have fun though and you will most often find me somewhere at the dance floor. The intro-week will be the best part of your study at CBS, so remember to enjoooy! If you feel lost, don’t worry, we will help you out!

Nationality: Danish
Language skills: Danish/English/Albanian