Meet the tutors 2018

BSc SEM Tutor Team 2018

Admins: Frederik Guldbech & Steven Schmidt 

Tutors: Sammy Jassam, Nico Balkin, Nicholas Taylor, Loukia Charalambous, Morten Eirup, Hanna Ekeroth, Elvira Welling, Peter Berge, Lucas Sylvester-hvid, Christina Søndersted, Emily Daverne, Omar Shelbaya, Sascha Høyer, Amelie Erici, Jaber Ks, Tobias Marshall-Heymen, Inga Hauksdóttir, Bjørt Magnussen, Elinor Nilsson.

Frederik Guldbech


Frederik as been sober for almost 3 years and he is very proud about it! So don’t ask or offer him a drink though the intro week, you won’t like the person he becomes! Frederik has turned is life around after struggling with drinking TOO much beer to now doing yoga every morning and taking care of his 4 turtles and two salamanders. His love for reptiles are inspiring which makes him the perfect administrator for all of you new students.

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English

Steven Schmidt


Fellas, my name is Steven Schmidt, Smitty, Shitty, is depends on the level of drunkness. I’m 24 (yeah for real) and own a very rare and exclusive collection of grey hair already ! I’m a supporter of Newcastle Utd, so if any of you need help or support, I’m here.

Nationality: Danish
Language Skills: Danish/English


Loukia Charalambous 

Luce, commonly known as Lucy goosey is a cheerful girl with plenty of sparks. She can be found in her natural habitat sipping chai lattes and catching up on the latest vegan trends. Don’t let her hobbies deceive you though, she is a party girl in heart and will always be the first one to pass out. Her strong accent can be heard from a mile away, so be prepared to smile and nod when you don’t understand whatever she is saying
Nationality: Danish/Greek/South African/ten other things
Language Skills: Danish/English/Afrikaans slang


Morten Eirup


Sup. My name is Morten but you can also call me Sporty Morty because I like sports. In my free time you’ll find me in the gym, or on the beach flexing. I like to think of myself as the plug in Copenhagen, I’ve got all the connections for clubs and bars, hit me up if you want to see a good time: my phone number is 53570323 but don’t call me between 4-6 because I’ll probably be at the gym or flexing on the beach.

Nationality: Danish/Mozambique

Language skills: Danish/English

Nicholas Taylor 

G’day fellas, my name is Nicholas Paul Taylor. I’ve come all the way from the Australian outback, and am still trying to adjust to this city life. Some fun facts about me: my profile picture is from 2014 because I just look so tan and have such young, smooth skin. My favorite evening activities include moonlit walks along a never-ending beach and deep conversations. I once sat at Nørreport talking to a girl for over an hour, it was beautiful. Looking forward to meeting y’all!

Nationality: Danish/Australian
Languages: Danish/Australian


Sammy Jassam

Sammy Jassam, also known as the Bushy Brows. He lives in the middle of the city and is tanned all year round. Rumors say he enjoys watching sunsets, eating fondue by the fireplace and candlelit dinners. He does, however, have a dark side which can only be revealed after approx 16 beers. In general, though he is easy going and loose in all aspects of life

Nationality: Danish

Language Skills: Danish/English


Nico Balkin

Hello, my name is Nico Balkin. I‘m 21 years old, French and I live on Strøget. If you need someone to walk you through the academic rigours of CBS, I’m the exact person you should avoid. I do, however, know how to party and drink it up French riviera style. Sante!! 

Nationality: Danish
Language skills: French/ English fluently, Italian  (I don’t speak danish)


Amelie Erici

Amelie 2

Nationality: Swedish
Language Skills: Swedish/English

Bjørt Magnussen


This Faroese chica is known for killing it on the dance floor at any party with her latina moves which she picked up living in Costa Rica. She is also never shy to show off her amazing singing and you will most likely hear her go Queen B on every single song she knows! If you ever miss a partner in crime during the intro weeks this is your girl – Bjørt is always up for a laugh and a good time!

Nationality: Faroese
Language Skills: /Danish/English/Fairy language


Christina Søndersted

Christina is the oldest and smallest of the tutorgang. However, she never fails to bring it on. Chrisser will count you in on a song or two (or 100!) If you’re ever feeling down or need a lifeadvise, go to the old and wise Chrisser! We hope ya’ll are ready to party with the newly Nørrebronx’er!
Nationality: Danish
Language skills: Danish/English


Elinor Nilsson 

A dream girl you no longer need to seek,
I have one for you more beautiful than the Aphrodite greek…

This lady she’s unique,
With a personality always on peak,
The complete opposite to a big bang geek,
A sense of style waaay too chic,
Of course eyebrows on fleek 😏,
Already makin’ your knees go weak?
I promise you, with Elinor there aint no critique!

So let me as a close friend speak,
This girl will for sure rock your week!Nationality: Swedish

Language: Swedish/English


Elvira Welling

Elvira is a beautiful, blonde girl – your typical Scandinavian, right? She is usually seen surrounded by a group of hot guys, and we can’t really blame them! But don’t let her pretty looks deceive you; she’s got quite the crazy side to her (you’ll see!). This girl can quote all the seasons of Friends, is often seen twerking it up on the floor and has a pretty weird sense of humor. But hey, that’s just some of the reasons why we love her!

Nationality: Danish

Language Skills: Danish/English

Emily Daverne 


Nationality: 75% Danish, 25% Haitian
Language Skills: Danish/English


Hanna Ekeroth

1278140_10201018553163785_1682830953_o (1)

Nationality: Swedish
Language skills: English/ Swedish


Inga Hauksdóttir


Imagine your typical Icelandic beauty queen/power woman/barbie doll: That’s Inga. Fearless, inspiring and determined- she’s always up for a good party. From PS Bar to Gothersgade, Inga is a firm believer in following your dreams. Also, being a key member of both the Icelandic Society at CBS as well as the CBS Feminist Society, her voice is one to be heard. This loving, warm-hearted blondie is one to rely on. (And she’s also single)
Nationality: Icelandic
Language skills: Icelandic, Danish and English fluently.


Jaber Ks


Jaber’s a guy you clearly don’t wanna mess with. His good old days include a pornstache that he rocked for a very long time, before shaving it off to give everybody else a chance with the ladies. Now he’s all grown up, taking school seriously, and trying to make up for all the brain cells he lost throughout high-school (think whatever you wanna think).

Nationality: 100% Afghanistan
Language skills: Pashto, Urdu, english, Danish


Lucas Sylvester-hvid


Hello, I am the white boy gangster from Lyngby, known as Lukey. Some features that make me special are: Fresh fade, fire DJ skills (Soundcloud for life cause it’s got all the underground rap leaks you want), always rockin’ the white sneaks, and obsessed with ‘gains’. Come see me straight after exams, i always have a beer for you in my bag.

Nationality: Danish
Language skills: English/Danish/Gangsta rap


Omar Shelbaya 

Language skills: /English/Danish


Peter Berge


Nationality: Norwegian
Language skills: Norwegian/English/


Sascha Høyer


Sascha, Sascha, Sascha … The sweetheart of all the tutors. Sascha will forever be the most helpful and kind tutor you will ever meet. She will be there to help you with all your insecurities about starting at CBS, homework, family drama, boyfriend trouble – EVERYTHING! Sascha is the most beautiful, tanned, clever ‘girl next door’ = every mans dream girl, but guys sadly she is taken! The only big problem Sascha have is her horrible way of drinking alcohol… She is just too innocent and not at All crazy enough! That is something we hope that some of you guys can help us with!! Please help us bring out just one bad site of Sascha out through the intro weeks!!

Nationality: Danish
Language skills: Danish/English/

Tobias Marshall-Heyman



Nationality: Swedish
Language skills: Swedish/English/